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Sled Cooker

To make things easy for everyone and affordable, hotpans will ship with a flat-rate anywhere in canada!


The following is the shipping chart which shows the cost of buying 1 hotpan or multiples based upon the total of your purchase:


  1. 1 Hotpan = $12.00

  2. 2 Hotpans = $21.60

  3. 3 Hotpans = $32.40

  4. 4 Hotpans = $43.20

  5. 5 Hotpans = $54.00


6 or more Hotpans will be shipped at the rate of $10.80 per Hotpan - a savings of 10% per item shipped! And remember bulk purchases can be made, just use the contact form to let us how to help you and we will get right to it!

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